Mold Damage

Avoid Adverse Health Risk By Properly Removing Mold From Your Property

The Best Mold Removal

Some mold is obvious.

It clearly can be seen on surfaces like walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc. But not all mold is as straightforward to detect. There are circumstances in which mold forms in the walls and can only be identified by a heavy musty odor coming through your property.

It Can Happen Anywhere...

if the conditions are right. However, specific areas are more susceptible. These are attics, crawlspaces, near plumbing fixtures, and bathrooms. Crawlspace mold damage usually happens during new construction or in warm atmospheres using A/C.

In-Depth Mold Remediation

A complete mold inspection includes two main components, a visual examination, and sampling. The visual analysis focuses on categorizing the degree of the mold growth and the conditions causing the mold to develop. This portion of the examination typically includes testing the moisture and humidity levels.

Depending upon the scope of the examination, the procedure is either limited to a specific part of the property or includes the whole property. A visual assessment and air sampling will detect problem areas that may be harmfully affecting your indoor air quality.

Mold contamination continues to get attention in the media and is a growing concern for property owners and mold restoration businesses. Indoor mold contamination is a big reason for allergies and bad indoor air quality.

Despite the growing knowledge about mold, it still is the subject of plenty of confusion. We want to aid you in making better decisions and decide whether you need mold damage restoration service.