Fire and Smoke Damage

Let us help you put your home back together once the fire is out.

Your First Call After The Fire Is Out

Even when the fire is out, the fire damage remains. A lot of the fabric found in flooring and furniture is synthetic. When burned, synthetics produce an assortment of complex chemical reactions. In just a couple of days, these items go from cleanable to a complete loss.

Our fire damage restoration professionals are experts in knowing the chemical mixtures that can efficiently clean and save your belongings. They can even remove soot and smoke from aluminum, brass, marble, porcelain, chrome, and tile, as well as carpeting and upholstery. We do not want you to spend money if you don’t have to.

Smoke and fire damage cleanup, repair, and restoration is a complicated process. Our fire damage expert performs in-depth procedures when assessing fire and smoke damage. The first step is to pinpoint the sort of smoke that has gotten into your structure.

This can assist the evaluators in determining the kind of fire that has taken place. This helps the pros detect what type of fire restoration or repairs are necessary.

It is important immediately after a fire to get in touch with the disaster relief service in your area. These services will assist with your basics such as clothing, food, and temporary housing.

What Our Clients Say:

“George and his crew were very professional, punctual and put mine and my families minds at ease every step of the way. George was amazing throughout the entire process and I can’t thank him and his team enough for helping us through this tough time. I will certainly be recommending them for any insurance restoration work moving forward.”

The next step to do in this grim process is to call your insurance company and begin arranging the cleaning and restoring of your home or business. At the same time, we are partnering with you to get you back on your feet as fast as possible, restoring your property back to a sense of normalcy as well.

Year after year, hundreds of homes experience smoke and fire damage. If you’re unfortunately a victim, it is crucial to use fire and smoke cleanup business that is skilled in fire damage restoration service to stop the further destruction. Advance Pro is that local 24-7 fire damage restoration company.

Our team members do the required services required by your insurance company and work with the local fire department to protect and preserve your home or business from future damage.

In this harrowing situation, you just want your business or home back to the way it was. Our fire restoration contractors have the know-how and compassion to make this a reality for you. Within hours after a fire, metal fixtures such as faucets and door handles can develop permanent damage if not accurately treated. All our crew members are fully trained in smoke and fire damage.

Our professionals determine the full extent of the fire damage to your property, including the impact of residues and heat due to smoke and fire. We advise home and business owners, aiding them in overcoming their loss. We give them hope by letting them know what can be saved and how. We want our customers to understand what is happening, what they can do, and what to expect.